Meet Lyman Robison

History of the Man Who Started it All

Lyman Robison was born October 23, 1837 in Wooster, Ohio. He grew up on the family farm and following his education, he entered the mercantile business. With the outbreak of the Civil War, he joined the Union Army in 1861. Following an illness which took him out of military service, he reenlisted in 1864 with the 44th Infantry of Iowa, serving until the end of the war in 1865. After the war, Robison returned to his native state of Ohio where he resumed his employment in the mercantile business. Here he married the former Mary Roadnight and their only child, David Lyman, was born on October 23, 1877, in Toledo, Ohio.

Lyman Robison Older

With news of a second rich ore strike in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado Territory, this time silver, Robison, along with thousands, heeded the call for the West, bound for riches. Very few found wealth, but Robison did. Arriving in Leadville, Colorado in 1878, Robison invested in several mining properties.

The incredible riches of Leadville’s silver mines made Robison a wealthy man.

Robison Commissioned Architects to Build the Residence in 1884.

Although it was Leadville’s mines that made Robisons’ fortune, the high altitude and harsh winters did not agree with his wife, Mary. Seeking relief from the severe cold, they spent the winter seasons in Cañon City. By 1884 the Robisons had made Cañon City their permanent home.
Excerpt from Book Historic Mansions and Castles by Linda Wommack